Factions is a completely different style of MMORPG. Where most MMOs follow
the same tried and tested pattern of pre-made, story-driven content.
Factions strives to provide a completely unique experience.
An almost completely untapped game play style in the Fantasy MMO genre.

Some "sandbox" games promise open-ended game play,
only to disappoint the player with the lack of essential
sandbox features like the ones explained below.
Factions strives to appeal to the niche gamer
who craves a more realistic open-ended fantasy MMO.
It will not appeal to every joe schmo and their
sister as mass market games attempt to do.

Factions allows the player to play whatever role they
choose. Whether you are more interested in combat,
crafting, faction and/or town management,
building a business empire, or any combination of these things,
you will be able to play exactly how you want to.

About Factions