One world (oneshard) for all players, no portals to go through to reach
other areas, no instancing, no static pre-made "theme park" destined
to be the same experience for each player.

Everything from the plant life to groups of monsters is generated
in the world and is never actually placed in a location by a developer.

If a tree is cut down, it will not simply grow back. If a monster is killed,
it will not respawn. If a mineral depositis mined, it will not return.

All things in the world grow and appear based upon the surrounding area,
the biome (jungle, desert, forest etc...) what other flora and fauna is nearby.

Even NPCs will not simply appear out of mid air, they are treated like other spawns
they must be "found" by the player and escorted back to their town.

                              Sometimes NPCs will be on their own scared on the beach of the new world, sometimes they 
                                  will be in groups of two or three deeper in the woods with a small campfire etc...

                                              The game world in Factions is incredibly dynamic, a player who is not prepared to defend
                                                    themselves from the ever encroaching wilderness will not last for long in this unforgiving
                                                         place.  Players will need to deal with everything from packs of hungry wolves 
                                                         raiding their stores and trolls who would kill a man for their shineys to ambitious 
                                                   players out to create the greatest empire in the world or striving to become the most 
                                                 renowned theif in the land.  
                                               Some threats will need to be dealt with before they become too big a threat. 
                                             For example, if a faction's territory is on the edge of wilderness it will become necessary to 
                                           wander out into the wild to destroy gathering threats before they encroach on their lands.
                                         Say that an ogre camp has been established deep in the woods, far outside the screaming  
                                        distance of any man. The camp may start out with a single tent and a couple of ogres  
                                       which are a nuisance to the local deer and rabbit population. 
                                                                                                  In a few days they may establish a larger foothold, start 
                                                                                                    a campfire, and erect a few more tents. Some more 
                                                                                                      powerful ogres will join them. Given a few weeks they 
                                                                                                      may be strong enough to send dozens of marauding 
                                                                                                    warriors to bring back needed supplies to their 
                                                                                                  foothold in the wilds; a small faction's town may be 
                                                                                                ill-prepared for such an invasion.
                                         Woe to the Faction who unknowingly builds their settlement next to a dragon's lair.

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