Nothing will have a pre-set price in the game and all materials and products will be worth
only what the buyer will pay.

There are no gear vendors with gear that spawns out of thin air. If you see a NPC gear
vendor, he is hired by a player or faction, told where to stand and who to sell to,
his stock is provided by that player or faction. Infact, if the vendor was killed,
the stock could be looted. The factions economy is the most open ended ever created
for an MMO, even the currency is created by players.

There is no 'starting area', as a new player you have the choice of starting in the
wilderness alone, or starting in a faction that welcomes new players (you will be able to
choose which of these factions to start in). When you first spawn, you will have only the
rags on your back and a small bag, it will be up to you to work, adventure, beg, borrow,
or steal to secure your spot in the world.

There is still a missions system, with all missions being provided by the players. A small list
of mission scenarios can befound below:

Escort mission. A player may hire other players to escort him to a far away place to protect a cart full of expensive wares. Or a player may need protection while mining a large iron deposit far off in the wilderness. Or maybe the player just needs a player who has access to a larger wagon to haul his goods.

Bounty mission. A player may decide to put a very large sum of money on an opponent's head. Or possibly a very valuable piece of armor was lost to an enemy in battle and the vanquished player will pay handsomely to have it returned to him.

Collection mission. A wealthy player may need 50 trees worth of lumber to complete his new house, he may decide to hire someone else to do the work so he can focus on obtaining the marble stone from a far away town... Or maybe he'll hire someone to go pick that up for him as well?

Kill count mission. The constant incursions from the local giant bear populations may be starting to effect the farm production, a player may be hired to kill 20 of them to stem the attacks.

Production mission. The faction leadership may demand a stone wall be erected around the town instead of the old wooden palisade. A player may request 500 bolts be produced.

These are just some of the scenarios which may prompt a player or faction to post a mission. Missions can be posted on inexpensive boards in a faction's town, or can be left with an NPC.

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