Just about everything that would naturally need to have been created,
has been created by a player. Gone are the days of finding a piece
of armor dropping from an alligator or a snake-like monster with
no arms wielding a two-handed sword. You will find, however,
alligator bones on every alligator and snake skins on all snakes.

As mentioned previously, there are no pre-built cities or towns or
buildings or NPCs. The entire world will be shaped by the player's actions.

It is possible that a player may reach an extremely high skill level in a specific trade skill and may be able to create things only dreamed of by other players (think nearly one-of-a-kind items like an Excalibur sword).

Most complex items will require many different skills to create. While it is possible that one player posses all these skills, it is very unlikely. Cooperation will be required to create items like buildings and armor/weapons of high quality.

Mounts, pets, and companions will need to be tamed or raised by someone skilled in such an art.

Crafted items will not always turn out with the exact same specs. For example, if a sub-par lumberjack cuts down a tree and damages the wood, and then a sub-par Fletcher creates a "Longbow Arrow Shaft" from that lumber, it may provide a damage increase of +5. Whereas if a lumberjack cuts down a higher quality tree and then an expert Fletcher uses that wood to create a "Longbow Arrow Shaft" it may provide a damage increase of +20.

Town management will be a craft in itself. To ensure efficient food production, building upkeep, and NPC management, the town management will need to keep a close eye on the workings of the town, faction, and its players.

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