No one is tied down to any specific class any longer. Players will build their
character to precisely what they envision by using the deep ability system.

While more powerful abilities do have pre-requisites, for example,
to be able to hurl a ball of fire at another player, you must first
learn how to create magical fire and then learn how to use it
against another player whom you can touch, then you may be
able to learn how to project it distances.

The ability system will allow very extreme combinations such as a
marksman who can stealth or a plate armor healer. But these
combinations would be in vastly different areas of the tech
tree and would take a long time to obtain such terrific
combinations and there are balancing mechanisms in place to
prevent a few builds being vastly superior to the others.

For example, heavy armor causes magic casting time to be increased.

Each ability in the game has a skill level, so while your shield block ability may be available to you, it will take a very long time until it 100% effective.

Abilities take time to acquire, you must be logged on to learn them. Learning and skilling your abilities up is also a social activity (much like everything else in Factions), you can learn much faster when learning from other players, in fact teaching is a skill in itself and the best teachers will likely be able to charge much more for their services.

Trade skills and crafting will be included in this ability system, so a player will need to make important decisions on how to allocate their research time. While one player may require additional defensive abilities, another may only be interested in learning how to create the most magnificent structures possible.

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