So who are the people behind the game, look below to find the unusual suspects.

Name : Mike S

Age : 28

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Happily Married

Children: A 1 year old baby girl.

Occupation : PC / Network Technician

Background : I have been learning various aspects of game creation since I was 16

Formal Qualifications : I am a MCSA and MCTS: SQL 2005

Previous Experience : Hobbiest projects, creator of popular Warcraft 3 map "WarBall"

Position Held in FactionsGame : Founder and Lead Programmer

What do you bring to the Factions table : Other way around, I brought Factions to the table

Whats your experience with MMOs or sandbox : I love MMOs and have always enjoyed sandbox games, but I feel like nearly all sandbox games are missing obvious and essential features. I hope we can fill that gap.

Top 3 Games :

» Starcraft 2 - just bad ass and nearly perfect as far as a strategy game goes
» Civilization 4 - hugely moddable and there are insanely good mods available
» Sim City 4 - hugely moddable and there are insanely good mods available

Top 3 MMO Type Games :

» World Of Warcarft - I guess I have to put it up top because I played it longest
» Eve Online - I never got into it that much, but it is hugely innovative as far as sandbox goes
» StarWars Galaxies - Best 'land based' sandbox I ever played

Name : Shawn D

Age : 21

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single

Children: No?

Occupation : Sale Associate at Wal-Mart

Background : I have lived most my life in the state of Texas, although I am natively from New York. I grew up in a household that has always consist of electronics and gaming. I have had a passion for computers and gaming since a young age. Throughout school I always pushed myself to learn as much about them as I could. In high school I competed in computer science and programming events. I am now finishing up my last year of my computer science bachelors degree.

Formal Qualifications : Studying for my Bachelors in Computer Science

Previous Experience : Just Hobbiest programming and small personal projects

Position Held in FactionsGame : Programmer

What do you bring to the Factions table : Along with helping with the programming load, New ideas and perspective on game design discussions

Whats your experience with MMOs or sandbox : Been an avid gamer of all kinds since a young age.

Top 3 Games :

» Legend of Zelda - Its a classic and love the puzzle elements it brings
» Wild Arms - Classic RPG with puzzle elements, one of my first games, and i still love it
» Diablo 2/3 - Love the fast paced combat, another of my first game experiences

Top 3 MMO Type Games :

Runescape and WoW are really the only MMO's I have played alot. Neither of which catch my attention anymore, they began to try and please the masses and dumb their games down.

Name : Triadian

Age : 40

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Married

Children: Quite a few

Occupation : Stay @ Home Dad/Freelance Computer Operator

Background : While in school I was asked to test a text adventure game by my teacher from that day on me and computers have never been more than 24 hours without each other

Formal Qualifications : Passed a RSA CLAIT when I was younger but mostly self taught.

Previous Experience : Bits and pieces of everything from coding my own font on a spectrum to creating a disk magazine client for the amiga to a $1000+ freelance account

Position Held in FactionsGame : I Don't really have one as I stick my nose in everywhere, but I take full blame for the UI and Website

What do you bring to the Factions table : Humour and realism, If theres a discussion I will be the one with the most ludicrously funny analogy to explain the situation

Whats your experience with MMOs or sandbox : I have alpha and beta tested most MMO games I have been a GM for a AAA title so I know the behind the scenes action of a very busy company, seen launch days where the servers decide to play up, to say wading through over 3000 customer complaint tickets when a bug happens. as for sandboxes i don't know why but they all seem to be missing something some tend to focus too much on pvp and forget about putting monsters in the world, others forget that pvp means people cant move anywhere without being ganked. I hope here at Factions we find that perfect mix, can it be done i don;t know but i sure as hell intend to find out.

Top 3 Games :

» Adventure - MOVE NORTH, you see a cave with a huge ogre outside, they didn't get more immersive than that in my day.
» ID - An alien entered your Spectrum and its only means of communication was talking, Eliza meets AI in the best chatbot simulation I have ever seen
» Any Oliver Twins game - The Oliver twins (AKA Codemasters) did for me what I thought couldn't be done they took bedroom programming to a new level

Top 3 MMO Type Games :

» World Of Warcarft - It has it's faults but its done more for the gaming industry than any other game to date (not counting farmville but thats mostly negative)
» Minecraft - What its not a MMORPG ??? shame on you. the game took a simple idea and ran with it, who needs great graphics when you have outstanding gameplay
» Factions - I play this game everyday in my head and its the best thing since .... erm well that game I was doing before I joined this one

Name : Brandon K

Age : 19

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single

Children: No?

Occupation : Game Associate at GameStop

Background : Fresh out of High School class of '11, and damn lucky to have been pulled onto the FactionsGame project.

Formal Qualifications : Art, and Creative Writing Hobbiest

Previous Experience : Various Models created in Blender

Position Held in FactionsGame : Art Director

What do you bring to the Factions table : New Ideas, and Good Models.

Whats your experience with MMOs or sandbox : I love the idea of sandbox games. Minecraft did it perfectly! I love multiplayer games so MMO is always on the top of my list. Putting the two together is just like a match made in heaven for most gamers who like the two genres

Top 3 Games :

» Zelda Ocarina of Time - I grew up on the game, and it literally taught me how to read.
» StarCraft - I've been playing it since it came out, and still prefer it over SC2. Overall the storyline is enthralling. And it's the closest thing to the Alien series of a game you can get in an RTS.
» Age of Empires 1 & 2 - Words can't describe the game and how awesome it is.

Top 3 MMO Type Games :

» EvE - I loved the Space Age MMO, although it's really a confusing game overall.
» SWTOR - Loved the Star Wars game overall. Has a lot of bugs because of being a new game and all but it's a decent game.
» WoW - As much as I hated the game after Vanilla it is still in my list because I have played it since Alpha and Friends of the Original game.

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