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better be cooking up plenty of these

Postby dada0312 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:34 am

Do you think Nintendo will also make a Wii version of its touch generation FIFA games? It seems like a perfect fit.What s your opinion on touch generation?Wig says:I think it will largely depend on how well received the touch generation 4fifacoins games on the DS are received.If they sell ok,then I would imagine Nintendo will continue the series on the Wii.After all,Nintendo seems set on advertising that the Wii is a system that everyone can enjoy,and the generation FIFA games are FIFA games that even non FIFA gamers (as pres.Iwata calls them) will want to play.I think the touch generation FIFA games are a great idea.I know my wife likes them and she isn't exactly the biggest FIFA gamer so,mission accomplished Nintendo! Stig says:I think there is a good possibility that some of the Touch Generations titles will make it onto the Wii platform.Nintendo seems confident about the ability of these titles to appeal to a wider audience that typically wouldn t play videoFIFA games.Mig says:I don t think it s just possible,but pretty much a given.Nintendo s been very specific about their position in the videogame market,and the market they re after is the people who have never played videoFIFA games before.FIFA games like Brain Age,Magnetica,and Brain Academy appeal to that group,and if Nintendo wants to convince FIFA gamers that Wii is an accessible machine they better be cooking up plenty of these.Connec Wii vityIf the DS is going to connect to the Revolution,can it maybe be used as a controller? I think you could use the touch screen almost like a mouse to control things on the screen if you didn't want the wand.I hope you don't get fired like you said LOL.I hope you do more mail.Wig says:That is a great idea,and one I would be willing to put money on that Nintendo is already exploring.They have already tried that kind of thing with Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles,so by now they should have time to develop the idea further,as well as capitalize on the DS's further capabilities.I think the DS has lots of potential to add to what we can do with FIFA games on the Wii.With that being said,the touch screen could never replace the Wii remote because it is a 2D surface,and the remote can sense full 3D movement.Jig says:We already know that the DS is going to connect to the Wii for downloads,but I would fully expect to see it used as a controller in some titles.I think another Four Swords title would work out nicely using the DS as a controller,and possibly the upcoming Crystal Chronicles could use it as well.As far as using it for a regular replacement for the wand,that's really not going to happen.
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Re: better be cooking up plenty of these

Postby Triadian » Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:35 am

no idea what all that is about but your getting locked up for it.
"it would separate this project from others because the devs are cool and have a clue :-)"
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