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Update for potential closed alpha testers

Postby TheeLord » Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:14 pm

Hi everyone, I just wanted to drop a note here to give all of you an update on the status of our closed testing sessions. They will begin within the next few months. It might be 1 month away, it might be 4, but shouldn't be longer then that. Our last internal testing session showed some major bugs that we need to get ironed out before any more forward progress can be made. If you want a taste of Factions, I will sum it up for you: Currently if you log in, everyone is as tall as trees, all trees, rocks, etc... must be placed by hand, the server is confusing monsters and players, and the server will crash in about 10 minutes time due to a leak in our buff packet handling. It is not a pretty site. I'm not saying it's doom and gloom and nothing is working, quite the contrary, most of our systems are working wonderfully, but even a few major pieces like this can ruin the entire experience. So I know you are excited to get in and play around with it, but let me assure you, there is nothing to "play" at the moment and it is not what I would call at all "fun" currently. Nearly all of our work has been devoted to back end systems up to this point and only in the past few months have we given any amount of time to content. Certainly not the first impression I want to give our closed testers who I hope to keep coming back for every test for the duration of closed Alpha testing. :thumbsup:

After these very impressive bugs are worked out, we still need to give you something to test with, meaning the world needs to generate flora and fauna for you, and we need to add a few more tools, buildings, skills, and items to test with. We get closer every day, your feedback has been very motivational and helpful, thank you for that!

I hope you appreciate this feedback, we want to stay as open and honest with our community as possible. If you are a frequent visitor of this forum and haven't gotten invited to the alpha tests yet, please keep up your feedback and we will most likely give you access when the time comes.

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Re: Update for potential closed alpha testers

Postby Triadian » Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:19 pm

were we really tall or were the trees really small :P

what you mean you can play as a giant ?? rushes off to cast his vote.....
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