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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Justifying ability based combat

Postby TheeLord » Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:47 pm

So I have received quite a few questions over the years about why I chose to go with ability-based "tab-targeted" combat. Here is the best explanation I have given yet. Comments would be greatly appreciated regarding your thoughts on tab-targeted / ability based combat vs aim and attack combat.

1- Have you actually enjoyed the combat or found it exceptionally strategic in any aim and attack mainly melee focused MMO / sandbox / survival game?

2- How many actual MMOs have you seen with aim and attack mechanics? There are a few (mortal, Xsyon, darkfall) but all those game's combat feel horrible to me.

3- Have you ever played WoW, WAR, LoTRO? the combat in these games feels so much better, more team orientated, more strategic, give better depth because of variety of attacks etc...

In an MMO where you have people all over the world playing on one server, twitch based / aim attack combat does not work IMO. You really need sub 100ms lag for that combat to work. If you have played Chivalry, it's freakin' amazing on a server with sub-100ms latency, but if you get on one that has 200+ suddenly it's innacuate, slow responding, hard to hit targets, don't hit where you expect etc.. etc... It feels a lot like other MMOs trying to do aim to attack.

This combat works in smaller server games generally, which is why Ark, Rust, LiF and all the other current crop of MO survival games can get away with it in a decent manner. But this also limits their server population size etc...

Your opponent will still need to be in front of you and within range, so that part of it isn't lost, it's just we base things off of abilities to create very little overhead to the server and free up the mouse and such.

Again, thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!! Am I wrong on hating aim and attack combat in MMOs?
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Re: QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Justifying ability based combat

Postby Christopher Walker » Wed Mar 30, 2016 2:52 pm

1.- Even though it is "traditional" to make it aim and attack, most of these games just make you go attack and kill someone just the get killed afterwards by someone at "full" state (HP bar completely filled). At least that is what happens 99.9% of the time, every time in every game. Since I haven't played tab-targeted games myself so far, it is hard for me to provide any meaningful input on this matter, but it could be a nice change.

2.- Mount & Blade: Warband is the one I've liked the most so far. Lots of mods and stuff to keep playing on. I spent around 5 days total time playing the game before even knowing there were mods. But to be honest I get wrecked if my character is melee based or doesn't have any ranged weapon.

3.- Never played those, sorry.

I agree with you, laggers or high ping servers make these kind of games hard to play for people without sniper skills (quick reaction times and precise attacks).

Then again, I don't consider myself a gamer, since I play very few games and not even finish most.
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